1. What type of Glass can you work on?

I can repair Annealed, Tempered, Dual pane, Single pane, Car windshields and windows, Glass Tables, Shower doors and walls, and just about any other glass surface. Just ask me about what you're needing done, and I'll let you know If I can do it.

2. How long does it take?

This will vary from job to job of course. The deeper the scratch, the longer it takes. The average scratch repair takes 1-2 hours per window. Hard water stain removal usually takes 30min-1 hour.

3. How deep of a scratch are you able to take out?

As long as it's just a scratch, and not a crack or hole in the glass, I can remove it.

4. How much does it cost to repair glass?

The average price for a Scratch Removal is around $125, and $50 for hard water stain removal. This is not concrete, but that gives you a good idea. There are quite a few variables that influence cost, such as damage severity, depth of scratch, accessibility, and type of glass. However, I GUARANTEE that I'll save you at least 50% of replacement costs.
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