Hard Water Stain Removal
Hard water stains form when the minerals in water bond to the glass surface after the water has evaporated. Hard water spots are common in areas where water is constantly hitting glass. 

​Common Problem Areas:
​-Glass shower doors and walls
-Pool areas
-Windows with sprinkler systems nearby​​​​​​
Hard water stains dull the outside world making everything look a little dimmer. All hard water stains are removable, but the longer the damage is allowed to accumulate the worse it becomes. Hard water removal is always a fraction of the cost of replacement but prices vary depending on the severity of damage. Removing hard water early avoids costly restoration projects later in the life of the building.

I can perform hard water stain removal on glass surfaces with even the most difficult hard water stains. My hard water stain removal services can save you hundreds of dollars for each piece of glass if compared to glass replacement costs. When you call me, you can rest assured that you're hiring one of, if not the best, hard water stain removal company in the area. My hard water stain removal ex pertise will bring back the transparency in your glass.